I got lucky working alongside the good people at Buck LA on this spot for Dignity Health! (Full credits below)


Below are some of the designs I got to work on. 80% of the designs were painted in Photoshop, I used some 3D compositing as well as texture overlays for the details.

alternative DESIGN

This was an earlier version of the green compartment.The idea was to have wooden blocks bouncing around a bouncy-castle-like compartment when the word 'Funny' came on.

brainstorming sketches

Thinking of how the mechanisms would work was tons of fun. What would spin the cassette tape? How should we keep the balls afloat?

Earlier concept art

At the early stage of this project, I got to create concept art for a more tactile direction that would involve paper craft. Below is the concept frame that was painted in Photoshop. 


Storyboards: Scott Huntsman, Audrey Yeo
Design: Audrey Yeo, Alex Dingfelder, Audrey Lee, Scott Huntsman
2D Animation: Moses Journey, Evan Viera
3D and Look Development: John Niehuss, Mingoo Park, Alex Dingfelder, Steven Browning, Kerry Graham, Moses Journey
Rigging: Ernesto Velasco
3D Animation: Eric Molina, Moses Journey
Compositing: Alex Dingfelder, Jens Lindgren

Directed by Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Creative Director: Joe Mullen
Producer: Billy Mack
Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Head of CG: Doug Wilkinson
CG Lead: Alex Dingfelder
Animation Director: Moses Journey